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The goal of this game is to place all stones (4 different kinds) falling down from the sky on the three platforms. You have to build pyramides on these three platforms. Take care of the following rules:

  1. On a empty platform you may place every kind of stone (the smallest one disapperars immediatly)
  2. On a stone lying on one of the platforms you may place a stone of the same kind or a smaller one!
  3. On the second smallest stone you may only place the smallest one. All stones on this platform disappear and you get scores and maybe additional lifes!
  4. You get the maximal amount of points when building a pyramid consisting of 4 stones
  5. If you are not able to place a stone you will loose one of your lifes (10 in the begining). If there are no lifes left, the game is over!
  6. Use Cursorkeys to move stones to the left and the right! Press down cursor key to make stone fall faster.
  7. Have fun!!!!!

Fabian Birzele, 2001-2004.
web-design: Vadim Murzagalin, 2004.