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Note: This game uses many images and takes very long to load. Might be better to download it! Additionally the download version has more levels! People with slow computers shall try the "low graphics mode" chooseable in the options screen!

This is a Java applet remake of the famous game "Super Mario Land" invented by Nintendo. The game rules are quite the same, use cursor keys to move J-rio, 'a' to jump and 's' to shoot when you are fire J-rio. So have fun!

Hey you now you can define your own levels for this game. You have to know a little bit java (in fact not much more than how to compile a java file) and you must have a JDK installed. If you send me your level definitions, and if I like them, I'll integrate them into the official J-rio release, if you want to even with your name appearing in the game. So take your chance and download the LevelEditor - version of the game and create the level you always missed in J-Rio (or its big brother ;-)!!

Fabian Birzele, 2001-2004.
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