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One Player Modus: Well there is not much left to say about this game. You can move the snake by using the cursor keys and pause / start the game by pressing Space bar. Before every new game you can choose a difficulty by hitting e = easy, m = middle or h = hard key. The higher the difficulty the more points you get for one Goody! If you have reached 1000 points, a blue Goody will appear, eat it and you'll get a new life.
Two Player Modus: Well this modus is a little more complicated: You are playing against the computer and the winner is the one with highest score in the end of the game. Again you and the computer have to eat 15 Goodys to get to the next level. The one who eats the goody gets the score for it. If you run into the computersnake, the computer gets a certain amout of score and vice versa (try not to hit the computer, cos it costs you a lot of points ;-). The one who lost its 5 lifes first will loose some score too. A little hint: try to make the computer run into your snake to get additional score. It is not just a action game, there is a little bit of strategie in it too ;-)
Something really special about this game is, that you can make your own levels! You only have to download the game and modify the HTML - file. How, that is explained in the HTML file. You'll reach a new level every time you have been eating 15 Goodys per level. Ok, don't hit the wall and have fun!

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