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Here you can download almost all games available on these pages. For detailed information about the games see the Onlinegames section.

Please notice: If you download a game you are allowed to use the games on your own homepage. The only thing you have to do is to set a link to my pages on the page with the game. I think that this is only fair but nevertheless there seem to be many people and pages out there (one Google search is enough) that do not do this and therefore seem to give a s**** about any disclaimers and author rights. Therefore I want to please you once again to be fair.
Additionally you are not allowed to use the tutorial or parts of the tutorial on your pages, books... without my permission. As well as you are not allowed to use any of my sourcecodes, games... for commercial reasons. Thanks!

Here you get the whole tutorial with all sourcecodes and HTML - pages

Shot it
Our first game with sourcecode

Nibbles Klon, with a Leveleditor!!!

J-rio is a cool "jump and run " - game!

J-rio Level Editor version
, this version is only interesting for people that want to generate their own levels (need JDK to compile new level).

Board game with a very strong computer enemy and many different levels.

Cool Actiongame!

Pong clon with sourcecode.

Babylon, some kind of tetris with sourcecode.

Worms like game without sourcecode

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