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On this page you can find some usefull links to other pages about java.

Java Tools

Sun Java Pages
The developers of Java. Look out for new versions, tools, tutorials ... .

Genious, free Java development environment, simply perfect.

Shareware tool for writing programs in Java and other languages (HTML, C++, Perl, ...)

Freeware to decompile your own java classes if you lost your sourcecode

Free program to wrap Java jars and classes into a Windows *.exe file. Very good!

Java Online Bucher / Tutorials

Go to Java
Very good online book about java in german!

Java Notes
Very good tutorial about java in english!

Java Game Programming Tutorial A good tutorial which mainly covers threads and animations

Java Game Programming Tutorial I - III Another good tutorial

Another very good site about game development with Java

Javage also a pretty good page about java game development

Gamejug Another very good page about java game development

Java SourceCodes

Java Boutique
Here you can find many applets in many categories

Planet Source Code
Download Sourcecode and applets for free!

A very good page with Sourcecode and Applets


Meybohm HTML Editor
Very good freeware html - editor!

Das German tutorial to learn html!

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