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On these page you can find lots of very good Online games. Most of these games are available for download in the download section. If anyone finds his or her own game, but doesn't want this game to be present on this page, then write me a mail. Have fun!

My own games

Very cool "jump and run" - game based on the famous "Super Mario Land" invented by Nintendo

The goal of the game is to colonize as many board fields a possible. Try to win against a very strong computer enemy and try to find a strategy to colonize all the boards!

The goal of the game is to save your cities from the alien ufos. Be carefull, highly addictive!

Very famous game (known as nibbles) with three different difficulties, many different levels and a level editor!

Shot it
Shot two balls flying around

Play pong against a very strong computer opponent

Some kind of a tetris game but with very diffenent rules. Addictive!

Hit your opponent (computer) by choosing the right width and height of your shot. Similar to worms.

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