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Welcome on this homepage. These pages are not another introduction into the computer language java, but we want to teach you in a very detailed and simple way how to program online games in Java. This means, that you should be already able to program in Java, you should know classes, inheritance and of course the core language elements of Java. You don't have to know anything about Applets, Threads... . You will learn all these things in the tutorial section on these pages.
If you are not able to program in Java or any other language, then look at our Online Games section, where you can find, play and download some of the best online games in the web. Sometimes even the source code is included.
All suggestions, your own java games, your own tutorial about java game programming (for example AI, ...) are welcomed.
So have fun!


  • 18.10.2001, these pages are online for the first time
  • 01.03.2004, after a long time with no updates (8 month) we are back with a completely new web design of the site and some bug / error fixes in the tutorial. I once again want to thank Vadim Murzagalin a thousand times who was so kind to write a Russian version of the tutorial and to redesign the pages completely just for "the fame". Thanks for putting so much work in those pages and for this great job! I hope that you like the new design, if there are any bugs (defective links...) please feel free to write me a mail and of course all other coments on the new design or the tutorial itself are welcome! I am currently working on a chapter about a random 3D landscape generation and hope that I can finish this work during my "holydays" but we'll see....

Last update, 01.03.2004
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